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8.10.15 Nothing special happened today :P
just testing widgets.

8.12.15 Did a bunch of advertising; hopefully I we get some pretty new faces around the site soon :3

9.16.15 Added a new chatbox today, hopefully It'll be easier for guests to stop by and leave a message, and for users to chat. The default shoutbox wasn't as useful as I thought it would be.

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    Site Rules Empty Site Rules

    Post by Wardog on Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:53 am

    City Laws


      when you register, please register with a proper name. We do not want to see anything like BABYGURL10494. You will be asked to change it. If you join, please have the idea of being active. If you join and do not post for more than 5 days, your  account will be deleted. We want users to roleplay not lurk about; guests are welcome to lurk in our chatbox, however; so long as they are polite. So far, there are no character limits. You can have as many as you want, just keep them active. We are a one account per member site which means you can keep all your characters under one account.


      we are presently a literate forum, thus we are a no word count site, however, we will not tolerate one liners. Proper grammar is expected. We are realistic which means nothing fantasy. No fantasy marking that isn’t prone to the breed you choose. We currently allow a various characters including humans, canines, felines, and equines. Keep in mind the setting when creating characters, if your creature would not exist in the current setting please avoid creating them.

      As a side note, Anthropomorphic characters WILL BE allowed.


      if you are going to be absent for a period of longer than three days, please post in the absences thread so that we know you are leaving. also, if we run periodic activity checks, we are asking that you please answer the checks. if you do not respond, the staff reserves the right to delete your accounts.


      as can be expected, the staff would love it if you had graphics. If you're not very good with graphics, you can request something either here, or through a graphics resource forum. Avatars should be a maximum size of 150px x 150px. Signatures cannot exceed 500x300 in size. We do allow drawings but only if you cannot find proper images for your character. Make sure you take graphics from stock sites such as sxc.hu, flickr.com or deviantart.com DO NOT take from google, photobucket etc.


      As indicated above, this website is for mature individuals only. We do not support a younger crowd, and so we urge you to only join if you are at or above the age of 18. Otherwise you will be restricted from forum content. Read at your own discretion.

    Yo! listen up, these rules were made by OMG LUFF of caution v 2.0.
    Feel free to edit colors, minor things to your liking.
    Remove this credit tag and you know what'll happen?
    She'll come after you with bad music and force you to
    listen to it. And your ears will bleed. Mhm

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