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8.10.15 Nothing special happened today :P
just testing widgets.

8.12.15 Did a bunch of advertising; hopefully I we get some pretty new faces around the site soon :3

9.16.15 Added a new chatbox today, hopefully It'll be easier for guests to stop by and leave a message, and for users to chat. The default shoutbox wasn't as useful as I thought it would be.

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    DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH [animation personified | jcink] [lb]


    DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH [animation personified | jcink] [lb]

    Post by ADMIN FOREST on Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:42 pm



    A war is raging in the animated world. A terrible darkness is spreading through the land, driving everyone from their homes and through a magic portal, the door between worlds. Those who cross through it find themselves on the cold, unfeeling streets of present-day New York City and fully human, no matter what they were before. But with this crossing comes a plethora of questions: Should they fight to regain their world, or turn their backs on it and make New York their new home? Are they even safe in the real world? And will they ever be able to return home?

    3 years and counting. Canon and original characters accepted.

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